Dangling osprey tangled in fishing line rescued from Pennsylvania bridge

Firefighters and animal rescuers responded to a bridge in Pennsylvania to rescue an osprey that became entangled in some fishing line suspended from the structure.

The Rawlinsville Volunteer Fire Company said crews responded to the Norman Wood Bridge in Lancaster County to assist an osprey spotted hanging halfway down the bridge with its wing tangled in fishing line.

Photos and video of the rescue were shared on Facebook by the Scallywags Animal Rescue, which sent personnel to the scene to assist.

Firefighter Rich Furman rappelled down from the bridge to reach the entangled bird. Furman attempted to cut the line so the bird of prey could safely be lowered to the ground, but the osprey wriggled free of the line and ended up in the river.

The fire department sprang into action.

“We jumped in a vehicle,” firefighter Wayne Riddell told WHTM-TV. “Went down below on the bottom, we changed into our water rescue gear and went out to go retrieve the bird.”

The osprey was turned over to a waiting game warden, who took the raptor to Raven Ridge Wildlife Center for rehabilitation.

Officials at the wildlife center said the osprey was not seriously injured and was released back into the wild near where it was found.