Shad Khan on state of Jaguars: Hope, optimism, great to be alive

The Jaguars franchise has had more bad times than good times, but Jaguars owner Shad Khan says they’re on the verge of their very best time.

Khan said that with the first overall pick in tomorrow’s NFL draft and four other picks among the Top 65, the Jaguars are about to load up on talent for new coach Urban Meyer.

”We’re looking at hope, optimism,” Khan said, via the Florida Times-Union. ”I mean Jacksonville, obviously, our psyche is wrapped up in where we are. If this isn’t a moment to enjoy for me to enjoy and for all the Jags fans, you need more coffee. Or you need something else. This is a great-to-be-alive kind of moment, frankly.”

Khan said he’s hoping that Jacksonville fans are relishing this moment as much as he is.

“We’ve been through ups and downs, mostly downs. Now you’re looking at a great upside,” Khan said.

With Meyer coaching Trevor Lawrence, Khan thinks the Jaguars are heading in a new direction.